Wood's Powr-Grip Hand Vacuum Cups
8" Wood's Vacuum Cup with ABS Handle

This 8” vacuum cup features a high impact ABS handle with heavy duty release
spring. This rugged and dependable cup has a lifting capacity of 125 lbs. and
comes with a protective plastic carrying case.
8” Wood’s Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle

Designed specifically for handling flat glass, this metal handle cup features an
8” vacuum pad with a lifting capacity of 125 pounds. The choice of industry
professionals, use the 4950 for moving and positioning windows, counter tops
and patio doors. Protective plastic carrying case included.
9” Wood’s Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle

The larger diameter of this 9”vacuum cup with metal handle provides nearly 60
square inches of gripping strength and a lifting capacity of 150 pounds. The
flexible edge of the pad makes this cup very versatile and comes with a
protective plastic carrying case.
10” Wood’s Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle

This 10” vacuum cup features a concave face designed for curved surfaces
and has more than 70 square inches of gripping area with a lifting capacity of
175 pounds. Not recommended for use on thin, fragile materials. Protective
carrying case included.
6" Wood's Powr-Grip Vertical Handle Vacuum Cup

This vertical handle cup provides comfortable hand placement when ordinary
handles can't. A large volume pump permits quick attachment on both curved
and flat surfaces. A rigid handle provides support for easy load positioning,
while non-slip grip holds the load securely at any angle. Non-slip, solid
attachment makes these cups well suited windshield replacement. Lifting load
capacity of 70 lbs / 32 kg.
6" Wood's Vacuum Cup with Rigid Handle

The 6” rigid handle cup puts a handle where you want on awkward bulky items
such as storm windows and shower doors. The 28 square inch surface area
produces 300 pounds of attaching pressure with a lifting capacity of 75 lbs.
Works equally well on both flat and curved surfaces.
6" Wood's Vacuum Cup with Flip Handle

The narrow profile of the flip handles makes them an excellent tool for pulling
sheet materials from narrow storage locations, as well as general purpose
handling. Load lifting capacity: 70 lbs / 32kg.
Wood’s 3”X 6” Handi-Grip Vacuum Cup

This Handi-Grip cup is designed for small to medium loads. The 3”X 6” oblong
shape allows attachment on long narrow objects such as back and side lites
and mirror strips. Metal handle with 40 pound lifting capacity.
SWG Vacuum Cup Rebuild / Exchange Program
Replace old & broken Wood’s Powr-Grip vacuum hand cups with SWG’s rebuild/exchange program. Send
us your broken cup and SWG will send you a totally rebuilt, refurbished vacuum hand cup straight from the
Wood’s Powr-Grip factory. No waiting for your cups to be rebuilt because SWG has Wood’s exchange cups
in stock and ready for immediate shipment! Call 1-800-527-0654 to order.
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9" with metal handle
10" with metal handle
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